NEO-W Cables by Oyaide

Issues with interference in your sound during a live set? A real disaster. It happens regularly though and one of the most common causes is the quality of the audio cables. Chances of these issues are nil when using NEO-W Cables by Oyaide (NEO Cables).

“I really love the USB cables you do. I first thought it wasn’t important to upgrade USB, that it was standard. I was proved wrong.”

Carl Craig

“So my judgement is basically : Amazing cables!!”

Chris Liebing

Lifetime warranty

Quality goes beyond everything for the team of NEO Cables. The lifetime warranty goes to prove it. Tear and wear excluded, you can rely on a product that really lasts a lifetime.

Oxygen free

The oxygen free shell and first rate metals used, ensure a signal transfer of remarkably high quality. The difference is clearly noticeable when using long cables or when using cables in a professional setting. The quality of the connectors are another factor that ensure your NEO Cables last longer than the average audio cable.

From DJ to musician

NEO Cables are available in many variants. These high quality cables are available for both DJ’s and producers as well as for musicians:

  • USB
  • RCA
  • Jack
  • XLR
  • Guitar
  • Microphone

Many of the world’s greats are using NEO Cables already. Artists like Ray Parker Jr. and Jocelyn Brown, as well as legendary mastering engineer Herb Powers Jr.:

“They sound clear, pure, and smooth, they are so good that in effect they are “transparent”, as a great cable should be.”

Herb Powers, Jr. – mastering engineer

NEO Cables are available in your favourite store: